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Bulk Hemp Products


All bulk hemp products from We Are Green are made using our innovative cold-press technology. Cold-pressing is the only process that maintains all of the plant compounds while remaining completely natural. This method of making cold-pressed hemp oil is the same one used to make cold-pressed organic essential oils. Multiple pressing cycles are used in the cold-pressing procedure to press all of the plant components, particularly phytocannabinoids and terpenes.

Cold-pressed hemp products are excluded from the novel food regulation. The main reason for this is that cold-pressed hemp oils, are not novel because there is evidence to show a history of consumption before May 1997.

Cold pressing technology therefore has nothing to do with extraction, as extract methods change the composition of the product. And that’s mainly the reason why extracted hemp products are novel food.

Raw Cold-Pressed Hemp Oils

All our raw oils are cold-pressed, ensuring higher bioavailability oil with all nutrients, natural fats, vitamins and Phyto cannabinoids left intact.

There are no chemicals, solvents, gasses, or any other additives used in the process, therefore, oil in this form contains no preservatives. Cold pressing oil is the most natural and environmentally friendly ways of pressing biomass possible.

We can proudly claim that We Are Green’s hemp oils are 100% natural, containing full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes.

This raw version is the first oil which passes the multiple press cycles and it is full of acidic cannabinoids, natural fats and vitamins for example. The only thing we do is passing the oil through our in-house developed filtering system, so the fibers are filtered from the raw hemp oil.

Our raw cold-pressed oil is with a distance the most natural and untouched oil available on the market.

Purified Cold-Pressed Hemp Oils

You need a purified cold-pressed hemp oil? Here we use our raw hemp oil as a base oil to start the purification process with. After it passes our purification process, we decarboxylate the oil for a very short term to avoid that all the acidic cannabinoids are converted.

Once done with this process, we add a carrier oil and we deliver the final product to our in-house lab. Here we have a full QC generation, which guides the cold pressed purified oil to its last destination.

HempCAP with Raw or Purified Cold-Pressed Hemp Oils

HempCAP™ dissolves in water and all water - based foods, while also offering a host of other benefits, giving you a strategic market advantage.

Increased bioavailability over non-encapsulated cannabinoid oil. Completely free from hemp taste and aromas. High versatility, capable of being combined and incorporated with almost any imaginable product (dry supplements, beverages, foods, food bars, sports nutrition products, or even just as a high-grade GMP raw-material). One product.

We produce HempCAP™ with our raw or purified cold pressed hemp oils. Our patent-protected process uses micro-encapsulation technology, so the product is completely free from hemp tastes and aromas.

HempCAP™ gives you full control over taste and aroma and is exempt from novel food regulation.

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