Cannabinoids in food and beverages

Food and beverages containing cannabinoids were developed with the goal of someday taking over grocery shops, mass markets, and other places where people shop for their daily necessities.

The delay in this market’s favorable explosion is due to two key factors:

First and foremost, legislation! While it is apparent that things are changing for the better in the sector, this is not the case everywhere. In certain parts of the world, using cannabinoids as a food or beverage additive is just not an option!

The taste of cannabinoids is the second, and most likely the most important, factor. It’s difficult to include its earthy flavor without compromising the overall flavor of a product. Manufacturers have begun utilizing new formulae with so-called “masking agents” to tackle this conundrum.

The masking compounds have little to no taste and work to compliment, enhance, or even change the flavor.

Large A-brands must promote their items correctly in order to reach the volumes.

They will only do so if adding cannabinoids does not alter the product’s flavor.

In addition to its numerous advantages, HempCAPTM dissolves in water and all water-based foods, giving you a significant competitive advantage.

The following list summarizes all of HempCAPTM’s value-added features:

  • Bioavailability is higher than non-encapsulated cannabis oil.
  • There are no hemp or cannabis flavors or odors in this product.
  • High versatility, allowing it to be mixed and incorporated into practically any product (dry supplements, beverages, foods, food bars, sports nutrition products, or even just as a high-grade GMP RAW material).
  • It’s a single product that gives you all the benefits of traditional full-spectrum or broad-spectrum oils, plus complete control over taste and aroma.
  • The manufacture of HempCAPTM was based only on integrity, with the active ingredients hidden within an encapsulation matrix. It extends the shelf life of products while also increasing their bioavailability, which explains why HempCAPTM is less is more.