Custom Development

Let us help you develop a custom formulation unique to your brand or company.

Just contact our team and tell us what you need.

Here are some of our most requested and popular product types on offer:

Full-spectrum, organic and EU certified bulk cold pressed cannabinoid oils at pre-specified concentrations.

Bulk HempCAP™ water-soluble cannabinoid powder (taste and aroma free).

Easy formulation of end products.

Highly bioavailable HempCAP™ water-soluble cannabinoid powder-filled capsules (also available bottled, labelled, and boxed).

Multi-formulation hard-shell capsules. These can also be micro-encapsulated into the powder matrix together with our core-oil, creating a powder similar in appearance and benefit to our existing HempCAP™ water-soluble full-spectrum cannabinoid powder.

Bespoke formulations of a variety of cannabinoid oil mixes (available as white label), to meet your desired specifications.

All We are Green products are fully assessed and quality-assured by precision HPLC analysis before leaving our production line.

Contact us

Whether you'd like to ask us a question, leave a comment, or make a product enquiry, you can get in touch with the We Are Green Team directly.