Water-Soluble Cannabinoid Powder

1% - 5% HempCAP™ Purified

HempCAP ™

Versatile water-soluble, full-spectrum, cannabinoid-rich powder

HempCAP™ is everything you've always wanted in a cannabinoid product, and more. Avoiding chemicals, HempCAP™ has simplicity and purity at its core. It is a clean and genuine full-spectrum hemp oil or, our most recent development, hemp biomass.


  • Phytocannabinoid-Rich Powder (1% – 5% CBD)
  • Processing: Emulsifying, Mixing and Drying
  • Production method: Micro-encapsulation
  • Further processing options: Custom formulations, mixing into bespoke end products-

the secret ingredient

Strategic market advantage, with HempCAP™

Because it lacks the distinctive hemp taste and aroma, HempCAP™ is suitable for use in any type of food-grade production. Mix, combine and create beverages, protein powders, foods, and supplements without compromising on taste or smell. HempCAP™ can be the secret hidden ingredient that gives your product an edge within the competitive market.


HempCAP™ Benefits

HempCAP™ dissolves in water, and all water-based foods, while also offering a host of other value-added benefits:

Increased bioavailability over non-encapsulated cannabinoid products.

Completely free from hemp tastes and aromas.

Easy formulation of end products.

Two products. All the benefits gained from regular full-spectrum hemp oils and biomass powders, and all the value-added benefits above.

Unmatched versatility; capable of being combined and incorporated with almost any imaginable product (dry supplements, beverages, foods, food bars, sports nutrition products, or even just as a high-grade GMP raw-material).

HempCAP™ gives you full control over taste and aroma.

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