What is HempCAP™?

Groundbreaking. Game-changing. Revolutionary. Words that are used far too casually to describe new products. Just because they’re new isn’t enough. They create a lot of buzz, but they always engender scepticism. They’ve become so meaningless that they’ve lost all significance. So, how do you cut through the hoopla and superlatives when a truly unique product emerges? You let the product do the talking. And that is just what we will do. Let us explain what HempCAPTM is so you can decide for yourself whether it is genuinely innovative, game-changing, and unprecedented.

Quality. Pure.

At We Are Green, we place a premium on product purity. From the beginning to the conclusion, every detail is carefully examined, thoughtfully picked, and thoroughly scrutinized to provide the greatest possible outcome.

We employ sustainable fair farming practices, gentle harvesting and drying procedures, and the world’s cleanest extraction standards to ensure that the planet, our bodies, and the quality of our goods are all protected.

However, one product in particular has shown to be a true game changer.

That’s HempCAPTM for you. The flagship product of We Are Green.

But what exactly is HempCAPTM?

We Are Green’s Breakthrough Product Is HempCAPTM

Consider everything you’ve ever desired from a CBD product. Then imagine something you’ve never imagined before. It’s known as HempCAPTM. The CBD product that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible.

We’ve arrived at this extremely crucial and major milestone for the Hemp and CBD industries because to our innovative procedures, research, and meticulous formulations. HempCAPTM is the most versatile full-spectrum, water-soluble, cannabinoid-rich powder on the market today. We’ve trademarked and patent-protected it because it’s such a huge step forward for CBD products.

What exactly is HempCAPTM is a closely guarded secret. But here’s what makes it such a unique and fascinating product.

HempCAPTM is a true full-spectrum CBD powder that is water soluble, taste and odor free, and has been shown to have a high bio-availability. It has nothing to do with isolates or chromatography. Instead, it’s made up of just two natural ingredients: hemp extract oil and vegetable protein.

And this has a significant impact on the applications and benefits of HempCAP.

The Uses, Applications, and Benefits of HempCAP

HempCAPTM is a clean-label product with only two all-natural components, making it non-allergenic, very helpful, and exceptionally adaptable.

HempCAPTM is acceptable for use in any form of food-grade production because it lacks the distinguishing hemp taste and scent. Because it is a water-soluble powder, it may be used to mix, combine, and create a wide variety of food products, including beverages, protein powders, ready-to-eat meals, and supplements, without sacrificing taste or scent.

HempCAPTM may be effectively added into any edible product to give it an extra edge while also providing all of the advantages of CBD.

More importantly, HempCAPTM has been shown to have a bio-availability of 92 percent. When compared to the administration of normal cannabinoid-rich hemp oil alone, it is more successful in providing the benefits of any of the hemp plant-derived chemicals, extracts, and phytocannabinoids. In comparison to existing standard cannabinoid-rich hemp oils, HempCAPTM allows for smaller concentrations, or dosages, of hemp oil to be used with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

In brief, laboratory testing reveal that HempCAPTM has a 52-fold higher bio-availability than standard products.

So, what exactly is HempCAPTM? It’s a true industry leader in terms of bioavailability, health benefits, and cannabis content, as well as a natural protein source suited for human consumption.

Groundbreaking. Game-changing. Revolutionary.